Hannah Huston is a former Nebraska teacher who has embarked on a new career path in music following her success on NBC’s hit TV series “The Voice”. She holds a deep passion for education and music alike.

Hannah has been visiting schools across the state of Nebraska sharing her experiences with cyberbullying while she was on national television. Part of her message is that posting unkind/untrue words on the internet is hurtful to people whether you know them or not. Hannah gives insight to students on how to react if they are ever on the receiving end of cyberbullying, and to always treat people with kindness.

Hannah would love to visit your school and spread her message to your students through short musical performances, speaking to students during pep rallies, making surprise visits, or classroom stops. Hannah encourages students to stay grounded, work hard, and dream big.

If you are interested in having Hannah Huston visit your school, please fill out the submission form by clicking here.

“Our students learned to never give up on their dreams and to take a risk on something you believe in doing.” Principal Brian Kort, Barr Middle School

Appearance/Surprise Appearance*

2-3 songs (w/ accompaniment)
Motivational Talk or Student led Interview (15-20 min) Classroom Visits with short talk
Photograph with School
Photographs with individual Classrooms and students

*Fees and technical requirements will be provided upon request.