hello! I'm Hannah! 

I am 28 years old, was born and raised in Nebraska. I love my family and friends with every fiber of my being. Oh, and I think music is splendiferous! 

What matters most to me is living a life full of passion, creativity, and realness; ultimately, to live a life that is glorifying to my Heavenly Father. Iā€™m passionate about relationships and collaborating with people to create beautiful art that tells a story. I would not be the same without the people in my life nor would my infatuation with music be the same without them. Music makes you feel all the feels, it tells you something about who you are, it reveals brokenness, joy, pain, fear; it transports you. I think it's beautiful and I intend to make music that is meaningful. 



ballin' since birth, you see.

ballin' since birth, you see.